Last update: 2020-01-12

This is the lists of AWS PowerShell Cmdlets equivalent with AWS CLI commands.



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Service CLI sub command PowerShell prefix Notes
AWS IAM Access Analyzer accessanalyzer IAMAA
AWS Certificate Manager acm ACM
AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority acm-pca PCA
Alexa for Business alexaforbusiness ALXB
AWS Amplify amplify AMP
Amazon API Gateway apigateway AG
Amazon API Gateway Management apigatewaymanagementapi AGM
Amazon API Gateway apigatewayv2 AG2
AWS AppConfig appconfig APPC
AWS Auto Scaling application-autoscaling AAS
Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights application-insights CWAI
AWS App Mesh appmesh AMSH
Amazon AppStream 2.0 appstream APS
AWS AppSync appsync ASYN
Amazon Athena athena ATH
AWS Auto Scaling autoscaling AS
AWS Auto Scaling autoscaling-plans ASP
AWS Backup backup BAK
AWS Batch batch BAT
AWS Budgets budgets BGT
Cost Explorer ce CE
Amazon Chime chime CHM
AWS Cloud9 cloud9 C9
Amazon Cloud Directory clouddirectory CDIR
AWS Cloud​Formation cloudformation CFN
Amazon CloudFront cloudfront CF
AWS CloudHSM cloudhsm HSM
AWS CloudHSM cloudhsmv2 HSM2
Amazon CloudSearch cloudsearch CS
Amazon CloudSearch cloudsearchdomain CSD
AWS CloudTrail cloudtrail CT
Amazon CloudWatch cloudwatch CW
AWS CodeBuild codebuild CB
AWS CodeCommit codecommit CC
Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer codeguru-reviewer CGR
Amazon CodeGuru Profiler codeguruprofiler CGP
AWS CodePipeline codepipeline CP
AWS CodeStar codestar CST
AWS CodeStar Connections codestar-connections
AWS CodeStar Notifications codestar-notifications CSTN
Amazon Cognito uniquely identifies cognito-identity CGI
Amazon Cognito Identity Provider cognito-idp CGIP
Amazon Cognito Sync cognito-sync CGIS
Amazon Comprehend comprehend COMP
Amazon Comprehend comprehendmedical CMPM
AWS Compute Optimizer compute-optimizer CO
AWS Config configservice CFG
- configure Configure AWS CLI options.
Amazon Connect connect CONN
Amazon Connect Participant Service connectparticipant CONNP
AWS Cost and Usage Report cur CUR
AWS Data Exchange dataexchange DTEX
AWS Data Pipeline datapipeline DP
AWS DataSync datasync DSYN
Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator dax DAX
AWS CodeDeploy deploy CD
Amazon Detective detective
AWS Device Farm devicefarm DF
AWS Direct Connect directconnect DC
AWS Application Discovery Service discovery ADS
Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager dlm DLM
AWS Database Migration Service dms DMS
Amazon DocumentDB docdb DOC
AWS Directory Service ds DS
Amazon DynamoDB dynamodb DDB
Amazon DynamoDB Streams dynamodbstreams DDB
Amazon Elastic Block Store ebs EBS
Amazon EC2 ec2 EC2
AWS EC2 Connect Service ec2-instance-connect
Amazon Elastic Container Registry ecr ECR
Amazon Elastic Container Service ecs ECS
Amazon Elastic File System efs EFS
Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes eks EKS
Amazon Elastic Inference elastic-inference EI
Amazon ElastiCache elasticache EC
AWS Elastic Beanstalk elasticbeanstalk EB
Amazon Elastic Transcoder elastictranscoder ETS
Elastic Load Balancing elb ELB
Elastic Load Balancing elbv2 ELB2
Amazon EMR emr EMR
Amazon Elasticsearch Service es ES
Amazon CloudWatch Events events CWE
Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose firehose KINF
AWS Firewall Manager fms FMS
Amazon Forecast forecast FRC
Amazon Forecast Query Service forecastquery FRCQ
Amazon Fraud Detector frauddetector FD
Amazon FSx fsx FSX
Amazon GameLift gamelift GML
Amazon S3 Glacier glacier GLC
AWS Global Accelerator globalaccelerator GACL
AWS Glue glue GLUE
AWS IoT Greengrass greengrass GG
AWS Ground Station groundstation GS
Amazon Guard​Duty guardduty GD
AWS Health health HLTH
- history Commands to interact with the history of AWS CLI commands ran over time.
AWS Identity and Access Management iam IAM
EC2 Image Builder imagebuilder EC2IB
AWS Import/Export importexport IE
Amazon Inspector inspector INS
AWS IoT-Data iot-data
AWS IoT Jobs iot-jobs-data IOTJ
AWS IoT 1-Click Devices iot1click-devices
AWS IoT 1-Click Project iot1click-projects
AWS IoT Analytics iotanalytics
AWS IoT Events iotevents IOTE
AWS IoT Events iotevents-data IOTED
AWS IoT Secure Tunneling iotsecuretunneling IOTST
AWS IoT Things Graph iotthingsgraph IOTTG
Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka kafka MSK
Amazon Kendra kendra KNDR
Amazon Kinesis kinesis KIN
Amazon Kinesis kinesis-video-archived-media
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Media kinesis-video-media KVM
Amazon Kinesis Video Signaling Channels kinesis-video-signaling KVSC
Amazon Kinesis kinesisanalytics KINA
Amazon Kinesis kinesisanalyticsv2 KINA2
Amazon Kinesis kinesisvideo KV
AWS Key Management Service kms KMS
AWS Lake Formation lakeformation LKF
AWS Lambda lambda LM
Amazon Lex lex-models LMB
Amazon Lex lex-runtime LEX
AWS License Manager license-manager LICM
Amazon Lightsail lightsail LS
Amazon CloudWatch Logs logs CWL
Amazon Machine Learning machinelearning ML
Amazon Macie macie MAC
Amazon Managed Blockchain managedblockchain MBC
AWS Marketplace Catalog Service marketplace-catalog MCAT
AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service marketplace-entitlement MES
AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics marketplacecommerceanalytics MCA
AWS Elemental MediaConnect mediaconnect EMCN
AWS Elemental MediaConvert mediaconvert EMC
AWS Elemental MediaLive medialive EML
AWS Elemental MediaPackage mediapackage EMP
AWS Elemental MediaPackage VOD mediapackage-vod EMPV
AWS Elemental MediaStore mediastore EMS
AWS Elemental MediaStore Data Plane mediastore-data EMSD
AWS Elemental MediaTailor mediatailor EMT
AWS Marketplace Metering Service meteringmarketplace MM
AWS Migration Hub mgh MH
AWS Migration Hub Config migrationhub-config MHC
AWS Mobile mobile MOBL
Amazon MQ mq MQ
Amazon Mechanical Turk mturk MTR
Amazon Neptune neptune NPT
AWS Transit Gateway network manager networkmanager NMGR
AWS OpsWorks opsworks OPS
AWS OpsWorks for configuration management opsworks-cm OWCM
AWS Organizations organizations ORG
AWS Outposts outposts OUTP
Amazon Personalize personalize PERS
Amazon Personalize personalize-events PERSE
Amazon Personalize personalize-runtime PERSR
AWS Performance Insights pi PI
Amazon Pinpoint pinpoint PIN
Amazon Pinpoint Email pinpoint-email PINE
Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice Messaging pinpoint-sms-voice PINE
Amazon Polly polly POL
AWS Price List Service pricing PLS
Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) qldb QLDB
Amazon QLDB Session qldb-session QLDBS
Amazon QuickSight quicksight QS
AWS Resource Access Manager ram RAM
Amazon Relational Database Service rds RDS
Amazon Relational Database Service rds-data RDSD
Amazon Redshift redshift RS
Amazon Rekognition rekognition REK
AWS Resource Groups resource-groups RG
AWS Resource Groups Tagging resourcegroupstaggingapi RGT
AWS RoboMaker robomaker ROBO
Amazon Route 53 route53 R53
Amazon Route 53 Domains route53domains R53D
Amazon Route 53 Resolver route53resolver R53R
Amazon S3 s3 S3 * Currntly, failed to create the list…
Amazon S3 s3api S3 * Currntly, failed to create the list…
Amazon S3 s3control S3C
Amazon SageMaker sagemaker SM
Amazon Augmented AI sagemaker-a2i-runtime A2IR
Amazon SageMaker sagemaker-runtime SMR
AWS Savings Plans savingsplans SP
AWS EventBridge Schemas schemas
Amazon SimpleDB sdb
AWS Secrets Manager secretsmanager SEC
AWS Security Hub securityhub SHUB
AWS Serverless Application Repository serverlessrepo SAR
AWS Service Quotas service-quotas SQ
AWS Service Catalog servicecatalog SC
Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming servicediscovery SD
Amazon Simple Email Service ses SES
Amazon Simple Email Service V2 sesv2 SES2
AWS Shield shield SHLD
AWS Signer signer
AWS Sever Migration Service sms SMS
AWS Snowball snowball SNOW
Amazon Simple Notification Service sns SNS
Amazon Simple Queue Service sqs SQS
AWS Systems Manager ssm SSM
AWS Single Sign-On sso SSO
AWS Single Sign-On OIDC sso-oidc SSOOIDC
AWS Step Functions stepfunctions SFN
AWS Storage Gateway storagegateway SG
AWS Security Token Service sts STS
AWS Support support ASA
Amazon Simple Workflow swf SWF
Amazon Textract textract TXT
Amazon Transcribe transcribe TRS
AWS Transfer for SFTP transfer TFR
Amazon Translate translate TRN
AWS WAF Regional waf-regional WAFR
AWS WAF V2 wafv2 WAF2
Amazon WorkDocs workdocs WD
Amazon WorkLink worklink WL
Amazon WorkMail workmail WM
Amazon WorkMail Message Flow workmailmessageflow WMMF
Amazon WorkSpaces workspaces WKS
AWS X-Ray xray XR